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Solutions For Hair Loss

Our hair loss treatments are FDA and Health Canada-Cleared and clinically proven to regrow thinning hair and prevent further progression of hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia (pattern balding).

  • Laser Caps

    Clinically proven technology for hair regrowth. FDA and Health Canada-Cleared. Medical-grade lasers that help promote the hair growth.

  • Hair Supplements

    A daily supplement carefully formulated with clinically proven ingredients that inspire thicker, fuller, and more remarkable-looking hair

  • Hair Care

    New and improved formula made with 100% natural active ingredients designed to counteract hair loss.

    Capilia Trichology Hair Kit

Riveting Results

No matter your gender, age, genetics, or hair goals.

  • Katie McCauley, 30

    "I'm really happy I found something that worked for me."

  • Bo Bankhead, 36

    "I’m just very confident in what Capillus has done for me."

  • Teri, 82

    “Capillus is really making wonders in my hair.”

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  • The Science Behind Lasers

    Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) works for hair growth by using low-intensity light energy to stimulate cellular activity in hair follicles. This process is also known as photobiomodulation.

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  • Fight Hair Loss Naturally

    Vitalia Hair Supplement are scientifically formulated with L-Cysteine, an amino acid necessary for the formation of the skin and nails, to stimulate and fortify your hair follicles.

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Capilia Trichology Hair Growth & Wellness

• 100% Natural Active Ingredients
• Hair Growth Backed By Science
• Sulfate & Parabens Free
• No Harmful Ingredients or Side Effects
• Expert Advice and Consultation
• Help Grow Fuller, Healthier, and Brighter Hair in 3 to 6 months Months
• Help counteract hair loss in men and women

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